Baffling Insights

Baffling Insights

by Fatalist

I just scyped with a friend. From Germany.
He is not particularly interested in terms of the NSU,
but yet he is reading here from time to time.
Rather infrequently …

… he does not believe in the official 9/11 thesis,
he knows about the incubator scam of the U.S. government concerning Kuwait in 1990,
he is a „critical spirit“. Also sees himself like that.

He knows that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.
That governments lie.
He knows it.
(only one does not, namely ours, this is my impression of what the sheep are thinking)

An „average Joe“ in the best sense.
Significantly above the dismal standard of the demented
in the former „Land of Poets and Thinkers“.

He asked me why the media do not take up the leaked files, why this does not happen, 
after all that would be quite sensational, what can be read here.


BILD lies

My answer puzzled him:
Why should they take them up, they have ALL of them already on themselves!
He did not want to believe me.

Yes but they must nevertheless see that there are quite a lot of contradictions,
you’ve probably different files than them!

My answer:
No, there are 726 files NSU trial files, all lawyers in the trial have them,
ie more than 60, co-plaintiffs and defense have them as well,
and also Der Spiegel & BILDARD and ZDF have these 726 files,
they were made available to all mainstream media.

Now he was totally confused.
That’s just not possible …

Fluoride Und So Lc3bcgt Der Spiegel

Get lied to faster

The media have these 726 document files since the beginning of 2013
and they are not only silent at this theater play, but on the contrary,
they essentially back and spread the phantom.
Right into the brains of the public, since the end of 2011 already.
Hammering it into them.

A few of them are pseudo critical, but almost always 100% mainstream.

And it is deeply confusing for the „average citizen“ that this is so.
He believes it is simply not possible.

That the same thing happens with other topics, such as „Putin, new Hitler, Ukraine“ etc.,
before that „Ahmadinejad, the new Hitler“, before that „Gaddafi, the new Hitler“,
or „Saddam Hussein, the new Hitler“,
that might attract his attention indeed some time,
but he does not attribute any fundamental importance to this.

He believes in what has been hammered into his head:

Independent judiciary,
separation of powers,
independent media.
Rule of law.

He is unable to escape this black hole.
John Doe …

The conversation continued something like this:

Yes, but, the smaller, more oppositional newspapers, they do not have these files?

Of course not.
Right-wing populist or extreme left-wing newspapers don’t have these files.

Yes, but why then, don’t you give them to those?

Because they don’t want them.
They are not allowed to publish the contents at that.

And what about the „investigative journalists“, they also exist!

Nobody tried to contact me and almost nobody took up content.
Obviously too hot for them.

(Elsässer, which means Alsatian in German, was honourably mentioned at this point)

The rest of the conversation was private.

What did I learn from this conversation?
That the common reader thinks that the files leaked here were previously undisclosed.
This is wrong.
Totally wrong.

Here we are doing only, what the media,
which are fully committed to complying with the NSU raison d’état (reason of state)
DENY to do.
They could be doing exactly what is happening here:
Examine the files which they have !!!,
highlight contradictions, expose the NSU-plot.

Every journalist is particularly protected,
while he must not „procure“ files by himself (for he must not bribe officials etc),
but he may publish the files.
Even the RESTRICTED papers.
See the Cicero judgment et seqq..
(Classified, only for internal use)

What happens here is not illegal.
My legal counsel is saying right now:

Oh yes!
A little bit maybe, but what you’re doing, ‚Holla, die Waldfee‘ … Update …

To obtain the files may have been illegal, but what we are doing here is completely legal.
If this were different, the blog would be gone since long.

Fatalist is a journalist.

And journalists can hardly defend themseves against
third parties concluding bollocks from their information.
Journalists must live with that.

Nsu Screenshot 60 300x268

If a third party writes, just as an example,
that Uwe Böhnhardt had gunshot residues from police ammunition on his hands,
but yet there were no such ammunition in the camper,
then the journalist can do little about it.

No matter whether there were 2 Heilbronn service weapons
Heckler & Koch P 2000 in the camper, full of police ammunition.

The journalist has to endure the nonsense that is concluded from what was released by him.
Welcome to the club!

And journalists can hardly defend themselves when they are threatened,
and when in the very threats currently appears the name of their 3 year old daughter.

Daddy will suffer a very sudden insulin shock in Stammheim,
journalists are to expect such comments if they are giving the interpretational sovereignty
of the state and the media committed to it a terrible slagging off.
It’s as simple as that.

Yes, I can live with that. I have been doing this for months.
But I won’t keep silent about it:

Whoever posts such crap always anonymously,

may the lightning strike ‚em.

You goddamn filthy pigs.

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