The long haired man smoking next to a motorhome 4th of Nov, 2011

We proudly open our English section (label ENGLISH) and start with one of  the most important days of German history since Adolf Hitler´s sudden dead in April 1945.

the asserted killer weapon of the NSU, found in the debris of an exploded house in Zwickau
9 out of 10 executions of the NSU were committed with this Czech Republic produced pistol.
The „German FBI“ needed only some hours to „find out“ it belongs to the killings of 9 migrant
victims between 2000 and 2006

NSU means „National-Socialistic Underground“, an asserted right-extremistic cell of 2 men and 1 woman.

The terror cell is dead for about 66.67 %, and Beate Zschäpe stands trial.

This blog uses original Police documents to show to the people how they get scammed by media, the government und the German establishment, and to show them the path to find out the biggest lies.

Let´s get in medias res !!!

The NSU showdown on 11/4/2011 started in the morning with a bank robbery about 9:10 AM to 9:16 AM at the local bank „Sparkasse as marked on the picture below:

The motorhome was parked at a former dance hall beyond the big street with the yellow signs.
Here, look for „Wohnmobil“, a witness saw 2 men ariving fast with bicycles, loading them into the motorhome and driving away. This was about 9:30 AM.

Nearly 3 hours later, about 11:57, two policemen found a burning motorhome, they heard also something like gunshots, and when 20 minutes later the fire brigade had extinguished the fire, then 2 dead men were found with splattered heads, later somehow identified as Uwe Böhnhardt and Uwe Mundlos. This place is marked „Tote Uwes“ (dead Uwes)

the place were the looted money was found in a plastic bag 1 day later…

All the time since Nov 2011 it was hidden to the public that on the same day at 8 AM a witness saw this parking motorhome already standing at the same place „Wohnmobil“, with the same number plate beginning with a „V“, and 2 men were standing with their bicycles next to this motorhome, smoking, and one of those men had long black hair falling onto his shoulders.

No Uwe Böhnhardt, neither Uwe Mundlos.

As you can see on the police document below, this was known since February of 2012, but was kept secretly, and never published. 12.02.2012 means 12th of Feb 2012.

„Bundeskriminalamt“ you should translate „Federal police of Germany“ or just as „the German FBI“. 

They tried to get the witness change his testimony from „long haired man“ into „long haired woman“ (means Beate Zschäpe, the surviving third person of the so called NSU), but he refused to do so: It was a long haired man, he insisted.

The problem is not if the witness is trustable or not, the problem is that it his testimony was hidden all over the years.

The second problem is that the witness who has seen the 2 men arriving at the motorhome at 9:30 AM was never summoned in front of the court or at any Parliament Commission. 
The police hides him even to journalists.

The suspicions: 

1. This 73 year old former East German border patrol man has seen also a long haired man? And that question he was never asked, but that question he must answer! 

2. The long haired man could be the 3rd man who killed the Uwes later and burned the motorhome. A man who was seen by the neighbours, indeed !!!

3. The long haired man could be one of the bank robbers.

4. Maybe the Uwes were not the bank robbers at all, but later were placed dead into that motorhome, the looted money was found only one day later in the motorhome.

after taken out Uwe Böhnhardt

The biggest „German FBI joke“ was the finding of 6 DVD „Pauly confession movie“ in that same motorhome on 1st of Dec 2011, 4 weeks to late. In a backpack which was found already on Nov 4th…

Backpack on the rear upper bed on 5th of Nov.

Germany ist a Country of wonders… where most of the people believe in such a fake…

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