The BKA and it’s „case“ on the Zwickau Ceska, part 3 (first part in ENGLISH)

When was the CZ pistol, exhibit ‚W4‚, found in the rubble at the house in Zwickau?

Good question.

the last found weapon of 11.
found outside of the house between stones ashes

According to the official narrative that happened in the afternoon of Nov 9th 2011.

This firearm was sent to the BKA (the Federal Investigating Agency of Germany), as is usual. It arrived there on Nov 10th. 2011.

Luckily, this was documented by the BKA’s crime tech lab in their report: „Receipt BKA 10.11.2011“.

By now, the evidence found in Zwickau included a CZ83 with suppressor and the „Pink Panther movies“ which referenced the Cologne bomb attack and the „Kebab killer“ series.

The movie ends with references to the Heilbronn police murder, but at this point this was not surprising anymore, since on Nov 4th the stolen service weapons had been found in the burnt-out caravan…

…the first one on the table, badly charred, and the second one in the shower unit, right next to the deceased Mr. Mundlos.

The BKA went on to test-fire the CZ83 pistol in order to compare fired casings with those found at the scenes of the murder series.

In order to do this, the weapon had to be worked on (it is believed that the receiver and barrel were mounted onto a matching frame).

All this was done by the BKA – within just a few hours.

What’s that? Impossible, you say?
Far from impossible – if you’ve got the best and the brightest working in the tech lab – just like Mr. Pfoser and Mr. Nennstiel. Top. Men.

On Nov 11th 2011 the Generalbundesanwalt (ie. the Federal Prosecutor General) announced that the „kebab murder“ weapon had been found in the rubble of the Heilbronn cop killers‘ apartment; the gang gained its „NSU“ status due to the confessional Pink Panther videos, after the examination of the Zwickau CZ83. Could there be any other explanation?

11.11.2011 – 35/2011
The service weapons of the two Heilbronn cops were discovered in the caravan of Uwe B. and Uwe M. who were found dead in the vehicle on Nov. 4th 2011 near Eisenach.
Furthermore, the pistol which was used between 2000 and 2006 in the so-called ‚Ceska murders‘ was found in their apartment in Zwickau.

Collection of „Pauly murder confession videos“ found inside the burned down house in Zwickau

Just in time for the weekend, the announcement was made on Friday at 11:30 am. That got them the attention they needed.

There exists a NS underground, there were confessional Pink Panther movies, and this „NS-Untergrund“ had executed those nine migrant small-scale businessmen in cold blood, plus a young policewoman.

The country was in shock. The NSU was born.

This „moment of truth“ was made possible by the undiscourageable work done by the BKA, who, whithin just a few hours, not only could produce cases out of the badly damaged pistol, but also managed to get a comparative forensic examination of the „kebab murder“ cartridge cases done.

Mind you, this weapon arrived at the BKA on Nov. 10th.

Eingang BKA 10.11.2011“
(the rest of the pages is found here:
last page

Authored by Mr. Ruprecht Nennstiel, BKA.

How could this take that long, Mr. Nennstiel?
That’s over 3 weeks after you identified the murder weapon!
3 weeks for a measly five pages?

Didn’t you guys take this serious? That’s nine murders we’re talking here.
Couldn’t the top brass have got anything done to crack this case?

Or – isn’t it rather true that restoring that gun to working order, test firing it for reference casings and comparing those with the ones in evidence from the kebab murders just might take a little longer than a few hours?

On what grounds could the Federal Prosecutor General declare this exhibit from the rubble in Zwickau as the nine-fold murder weapon, just one day after its arrival at the BKA?

On the sctrictly scientific grounds of:
a) the Pink Panther movies – hey, it fits!
b) we’ve been ordered to do as we’re told…
c) come on, it’s Friday and the guys at work love practical jokes, honey.

It has never been proven in any sense that the CZ83 from Zwickau actually is in fact the murder weapon from the Kebab murder series.

The Emperor has no clothes.

Dear reader, it’s your job to spread these facts.
If not you, who?
If not now, when?
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